Skylar Bohlman for Velous Footwear

Skylar Bohlman for Velous Footwear

At Velous Footwear, we take pride in providing top-notch recovery footwear that caters to the needs of athletes and active individuals. We recently had the privilege of receiving a review from Skylar Bohlman, a talented track and field athlete from the University of North Carolina and a member of the Academic All-ACC Team. In this blog post, we'll share Skylar's thoughts on our Velous Recovery Slides and how they've become an essential part of her training routine.

  1. Comfortable Deep Heel Cup

One of the standout features Skylar mentions is the deep heel cup, which adds an extra layer of comfort to our slides. This design ensures that your feet are well-supported and cushioned, making them perfect for post-training relaxation.

  1. Flex Groove with Tri-Motion Technology

Our slides incorporate flex grooves with Tri-Motion Technology, enhancing their lightweight and flexible nature. Skylar appreciates the flexibility, which allows her to move freely without any discomfort, whether she's walking or just going about her daily activities.

  1. Excellent Arch Support

For athletes like Skylar, proper arch support is crucial. Our Velous Recovery Slides are designed with great arch support, ensuring that your feet are well-cared for during recovery. This feature helps relieve stress on the feet and promotes quicker healing.

  1. Adjustable Strap for Custom Fit

One of Skylar's favorite aspects of our slides is the adjustable strap, allowing users to customize the fit to their specific needs. This adaptability ensures that the slides provide a snug and comfortable fit for everyone, making them versatile for different foot types.

In Skylar Bohlman's own words, Velous Recovery Slides have received a resounding 10 out of 10 rating. Her glowing review exemplifies the impact our recovery footwear can have on athletes and active individuals. If you're looking to improve your recovery routine, experience unparalleled comfort, and enhance your athletic performance, make sure to consider Velous Footwear.