VELOUS footwear difference

What Makes VELOUS Footwear Different?

At the heart of VELOUS Footwear's innovation is a deep understanding of the human foot's anatomy and its unique challenges during recovery phases. This insight has led to the creation of a line of recovery shoes that promise comfort and actively aid in rehabilitating our feet.

While  recovery footwear has been around for years, VELOUS's patent-pending design is a culmination of extensive research and development in podiatric science. This design is revolutionary in its approach to treating different parts of the foot in a targeted manner. Unlike traditional footwear that treats the foot as a single unit, VELOUS Footwear's recovery shoes recognize the complexity and distinct needs of each part of the foot. Each section does something unique from the heel to the toe, ensuring a more effective and quicker recovery. This innovative design translates into a range of benefits.

VELOUS Footwear is not just manufacturing shoes but redefining the recovery footwear concept. By focusing on stability, support, and flexibility and by treating each part of the foot with the unique care it deserves, VELOUS Footwear is setting new standards in the footwear industry. For anyone looking for shoes that aid in foot recovery, VELOUS offers a solution that is both innovative and effective, blending the best footwear technology with podiatric science.

What is Tri-Motion Technology 

Tri-Motion Technology stands at the forefront of VELOUS Footwear's innovative approach to recovery shoe design. This proprietary technology is a testament to the company's commitment to advanced foot care and ergonomic design. Tri-Motion Technology targets three distinct parts of the foot — the hindfoot, the midfoot, and the forefoot — each with specialized solutions that cater to their specific needs and movement patterns.

Hindfoot Treatment

The hindfoot, or heel area, receives special attention in VELOUS Footwear's design. Recognizing the heel's susceptibility to impact and the need for extra cushioning during recovery, the Tri-Motion Technology incorporates an abundant amount of soft foam in this area. This provides unparalleled comfort and includes a deep-heel cup feature. The deep heel cup serves a dual purpose: it stabilizes the foot, preventing unwanted side-to-side movements that could impede recovery, and offers motion control. This control is crucial for maintaining proper foot alignment and ensuring a safe and comfortable walking experience.

Midfoot Support

Moving to the midfoot or the arch area, Tri-Motion Technology introduces a more supportive arch design. This design choice is deliberate and provides optimal support to the arches, a key factor in promoting foot health and aiding recovery. Part of this design is a slightly firmer foam that ensures each step is supported, distributing weight evenly and reducing strain on the arch. Furthermore, the durability of this supportive foam means that the shoe continues to offer consistent support over a prolonged period, a vital feature for those in extended recovery phases.

Forefoot Flexibility

The forefoot, encompassing the toe area, is treated with a unique approach in VELOUS Footwear's design. Here, flexible side-to-side grooves are strategically placed to provide optimal flexibility. These grooves enable the foot to move naturally while walking and gently stretch muscles and tendons under the foot, ensuring comfort and promoting a healthy gait. The design in this area is meticulously crafted to balance flexibility with support, making the walking experience both comfortable and beneficial for recovery.

What are the benefits of Tri-Motion technology? 

Tri-Motion Technology in VELOUS Footwear merges comfort with performance, creating a unique footwear experience. This technology ensures that the shoes are simultaneously comfortable, durable, and flexible, making them suitable for all-day wear. Key benefits include:

Comfort and Performance: Tri-Motion Technology means exceptional comfort without sacrificing the shoe's performance, ideal for active lifestyles.

Flexibility: Tri-Motion technology allows natural foot movement, enhancing comfort and promoting foot health.

Support:  Tri-Motion Technology offers optimal arch support in the midfoot area so that tired arches can rest.

Stability: Unique to VELOUS Footwear, this technology offers increased medial and lateral (side to side) stability, reducing the chance of rolling an ankle and lining up your next step.  

VELOUS Footwear redefines recovery footwear through its innovative Tri-Motion Technology. This approach offers tailored solutions for each part of our foot strike motion, from the soft and stabilizing deep heel cup, optimal arch support to forefoot flexibility, VELOUS shoes are designed for effective recovery and everyday comfort.

Discover the future of foot recovery with VELOUS Footwear. Explore our innovative range of footwear and experience unparalleled comfort and support.