Skyline Lace Gray & White
Skyline Gray & White
Skyline Lace Gray & White
Skyline Lace Gray
VELOUS Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
VELOUS Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
VELOUS Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
VELOUS Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
VELOUS Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
VELOUS Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
VELOUS Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
Lace-Up Shoe
Skyline Lace-Up Shoe black
Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
Skyline active Lace-Up Shoe
Skyline Shoe
Skyline Lace-Up Shoe
Skyline Lace-Up Shoe bottom
VELOUS Skyline Lace-Up Shoe

VELOUS Skyline Lace-Up Shoe

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Introducing the VELOUS Skyline Lace-Up Shoe: Comfortably designed with Hybrid Recovery in mind. Tri-Motion™ Technology promotes natural foot motion to help speed up recovery. Enjoy a lightweight, breathable upper that helps keep feet dry and cool.

  • Comfort Guarantee
  • Universal Fit Footwear
  • Size up if in between sizes
Size (Unisex)
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VELOUS shoes can be wiped clean with a wet washcloth or washed off with water. They are also machine washable at cold temperatures on the delicate cycle with other clothing items.

To maintain the intended support, flexibility, and fit of our proprietary technology, keep your VELOUS shoes away from extreme heat; do not put VELOUS shoes in the dryer, or leave them exposed for long periods of time to the hot sun.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Terry Smith
Love Velous

I just received my Velous tennis shoes, they look great and feel so lightweight, But I need to exchange for the next size, I need 81/2 but I see there are no 1/2 sizes, so I will try the 9 and really hope that it will fit!!

T Black
These shoes work

I have been buying several brands of shoes to help relieve my plantar fasciitis and these shoes along with the Velous flip flops are by far the best.

Thank you for your review! We are really happy that our Flips are providing you the cushion and support you need to help with your plantar fasciitis. Many thanks for giving them a try!

Leatha Tyra

I have been looking for a good walking shoe for a long time. After I purchased the skyline lace up shoe, I was very impressed. They’re very lightweight and comfortable for my walking. I would very highly recommend this shoe.

Hi Leatha,
Thank you for your purchase and taking the time to provide your feedback. We are so happy the Skyline Lace shoe was comfortable and perfect for your walking.

Thanks again!

Daniel Mannen
Sore feet no more

Excellent.. no more toe tingle!!

Wes in Seattle
My favorite go to shoes for comfort

I was referred to this shoe as an option due to my plantar fasciitis and need for a wider toe bed. I bought a pair online and it arrived in less than a week. With buying online I was skeptical about fit but the online store was dead on for sizing. After wearing around the home off and on for a few days (Velous has a great return policy) I knew that the shoes were the right size and tested them outdoors.
The shoes have a great weight and design that is supportive to the feet and have become one of my favorite shoes that I go back to over and over again. I normally cycle through three different running shoes every other day but have now added this shoe to the routine.

And the style and design of the shoe is also great for wearing at the office or out to dinner/events as well.

How impressed am I with the product? I bought a second pair shortly after in an alternate color. Plus two sets of the sandals (this is the first sandal I have purchased that totally supports my foot and I do not get the ankle roll from uneven surfaces that you normally experience in other sandals).

My wife and several friends were also impressed with the shoes and have purchased them as well.

Thank you Wes, we are really excited and happy that you love your Skyline's and recovery sandals. We hope to keep your feet happy for years to come:) Thank you for your business and your 5 star review!


Fantastic shoe! Highly recommend!

Margaret Shaw
Skyline Shoe

These are the most amazing tennis style shoes I have ever worn! They are comfortable and feel like you are walking on pillows of air. I suffer foot pain as a result of 35+ years in the nursing profession. With these shoes and the flip flops, I am nearly pain free. I highly recommend these shoes!

Elizabeth Leffler

Wonderful with good fit

Robert Butler
Walking comfort

I have hiking shoes, shoes I wear at the gym and boots I wear in the yard, but I didn’t have casual walking shoes I could wear every day. Until I tried Velus Skyline. They are unlike anything I have ever worn. So very very comfortable.

Guillaume Reynet
Happy Feet!

I am heavy guy (220#+) working as an event crew (running/cycling races, triathlons, fan appreciation events, etc...), usually long or very long days running around an event footprint, which always leave my feet sore and beat up. Recently got a pair of the Skylines & wore them at a 4-day event, the difference in how great my feet felt after a shift, and the next morning, compared to other footwear I tried (including pretty cushioned running shoes!) was telling. I just got a second pair to alternate on multi-day events so I can delay the wear and tear on these puppies!